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ultrasound liposuction treatment




Ultrasonic Cavitation or Ultrasound Liposuction is a non-surgical fat removal procedure. Clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to a week following the treatment. 


Put simply, ultrasonic cavitation is a weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, which may result in lost inches on the treated areas and (ultimately) a slimmer figure. It's been growing in popularity over the last few years because while traditional liposuction requires surgery to remove fat, this procedure doesn't.


The treatment uses cavitation technology, which allows for a non-surgical attack of inflexible fat deposits that no matter how much you diet and exercise, never seem to disappear.

Unlike a traditional tummy tuck or liposuction, in ultrasonic cavitation, there are no knives, no anesthesia, and no surgery. 


Permanently remove fat cells on:


  • Abdomen

  • “Love handles” or flanks

  • “Saddlebags” or thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Upper arms

  • Inner knees

  • Male breasts


  • Improves skin texture

  • Helps with body contouring and reshaping

  • Improves lymph and blood circulation

  • Very effective anti-cellulite therapy

  • Tightening of connective tissue

  • Increased effectiveness when combined with Lymph-Drainage Wave Six treatment

  • No surgery, no knives, no pain

  • No anesthesia 

  • Instant results!



Lipolysis (mono-polar Radio Frequency combined with cavitation), causes the remaining adipose tissue (fat cell membrane) to explode and forces the removal of triglycerides as well as a tightening of the skin.


The sub-dermis, where cellulite is found, is heated by the ultra power monopolar radiofrequency waves which cause a tightening and slimming appearance on cellulite tissues. Specifically, these currents:


  • Instantly shortens original collagen fibres, resulting in the appearance of lifted and tightened skin.

  • New collagen and elastin fibres are produced increasing a tightening of the skin.

  • Fragile cells called adipocytes are stimulated to release fat into the bloodstream removing them.


Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal Results


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