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ETM Mesotherapy

Experience the Future of Skincare

What is MESO∞?

MESO∞ is a state-of-the-art device that synergizes two cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled skin care results:

Meso-chip Transdermal Technology:

  • Features 32 microcrystals (0.5mm) on the meso-chip.

  • Creates reversible microchannels in the stratum corneum, enhancing skin receptivity.

Electroporation Technology:

  • Utilizes electroporation energy to open reversible water channels in the skin.

  • Ensures efficient, non-invasive, and painless absorption of active ingredients.

Unmatched Advantages of MESO∞

Deep Penetration: Powerful electroporation energy up to ±32V for visible results.

Versatility: Suitable for face, neck, scalp, arms, stomach, hands, and more.

Non-Invasive Treatment: No blood, no pain, effective results with no downtime.

Customized Care: Compatible with various active ingredients for personalized treatments.

MESO∞: The Ultimate Choice for Enhanced Skin Absorption and Efficiency


By combining Electroporation and Meso-chip Transdermal Technology, MESO∞ significantly improves the penetration depth and efficiency of active ingredients in skincare treatments. Embrace a new era of beauty and wellness with Euro Charm's revolutionary ETM Mesotherapy-Electroporation service.

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