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A natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, Beautytek is a non-invasive body sculpting technology based on the Eastern philosophy of meridian energy. When Beautytek is applied to the loose skin, the skin and underlying tissue are firmed, improving the shape of the client's body making it look slimmer.


Beautytek works by passing a very low-frequency electrical impulse into the body this is between 60-600 microamps roughly the same frequency as your heartbeat and much lower than other conventional "micro-current" machines that function primarily as muscle stimulators.
Using micro-current at this level has been proven to stimulate ATP which the energy cells need to function correctly this mechanism allows the body to naturally repair itself from the inside out giving fantastic aesthetic results in the process.
A course of treatments is specifically designed for each client.

beautytek system Vancouver


  • Body shaping

  • Breast lifting

  • Tissue enhancement

    • Abdomen

    • Legs

    • Thighs

    • Buttocks

  • Fat reduction

  • Treatment of

    • Cellulite

    • Acne

    • Scars

    • Wrinkles

    • Facial lines

  • Pregnancy stretch marks

  • Improvement before and after plastic surgery

  • Relaxation



Many women that are considering breast reduction are put off by the thought of incisions and permanent scarring that may result from surgery.


The Beautytek may be helpful in achieving a breast size that is more comfortable without resorting to painful, invasive surgery. As breasts are mainly composed of fat, targeting and stimulating the breakdown of this fatty tissue may achieve a reduction in breast size.


The Beautytek may also assist in tightening the skin so that the skin can shrink as the fatty tissue is broken down, resulting in the appearance of firmer, tauter breasts.


The Beautytek has been used to promote breast firming and lifting. Clients have used Beautytek to help achieve an overall improvement in the firmness of the skin, a lift in the breast, and an improvement in skin tone and texture.


Beautytek procedures may also assist in promoting the natural elimination of excess fat and fluid from the breast, and may improve the tone of the pectoral muscles.



When Beautytek is applied to excess fatty deposits around the body, this may assist in encouraging the transfer of fat out of the fat cells in a manner which allows the excess fat to be converted into energy by the body. 


The buildup of toxins within the body can result in the body producing hard collagen fibers, which can accumulate. These collagen fibers may be involved in preventing the release of fat into the bloodstream so that the fat stubbornly remains in those familiar areas; love handles, lower abdomen, upper arms, and inner thighs.


Using gentle microcurrents in conjunction with your body’s own energy, Beautytek may encourage the breakdown of collagen fibers and allow the body to naturally eliminate fat from fat cells. The microcurrents may also assist the skin and underlying tissue in appearing firmed, improving the shape of the body.


Cellulite develops in the most superficial layer of three fat layers, underneath the epidermis and dermis. Fat storage and metabolism in this fat layer are considered to be primarily regulated by hormones. Some consider that a traditional diet and exercise play a limited role in reducing this layer of fat.


In order to assist in the removal of cellulite, the collagen fibers surrounding the cells need to be broken down, the connective tissue softened and strengthened and proper drainage in the tissues restored.


The Beautytek targets this problem, and aids in restoring the body’s own energy which can assist in sustaining the results of the Beautytek beyond the application of the procedure itself.


Beautytek is an exceptional procedure when applied to the loose skin around the body.


The skin and underlying tissue are firmed, improving the shape of the client and making the body look slimmer. All Beautytek procedures result in some skin firming. This is why the overall silhouette appears improved with all body applications.


What's the principle behind Beautytek?

The Beautytek combines advanced western computer technology with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. A treatment session stimulates the body to heal itself from within, resulting in a transformed outer appearance.

What's the Beautytek procedure actually like?

The Beautytek's artificial intelligence directs your treatment while you relax on the therapy table. The computer 'reads' the bioelectric energy of the specific tissue area in order to evaluate its current condition and determine specific therapy requirements. This means you always receive a customized session each time you have a Beautytek treatment, (a key benefit other microcurrent therapies cannot offer).

Will I feel pain or experience side effects?

No side effects, no pain, no risk - that's the beauty of Beautytek! After a treatment you may feel the need to urinate frequently. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the treatment is having the desired effect; your system has been stimulated into flushing toxins out.

How many treatments will I need?

Every client is unique in the number of treatments they will need to achieve their optimal results because of individual physiological composition. However, an initial series of 12 treatments over a two week period is recommended to start.

How much does it cost?

Treatment prices vary according to the area being treated and will be discussed during your consultation. Single treatments can be purchased, however the series package price provides the best value.

Do I need Beautytek maintenance treatment ?

Once the desired result has been achieved (usually after 12 treatments), we recommend that you schedule convenient annual maintenance treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best. Usually maintenance treatments are done every three to four months depending on your age, condition and the area being treated. Your therapist will recommend what is best for you.

Can I have more than one area treated at a time with Beautytek?

During your initial 12 treatments, you can only have one area treated at a time; otherwise the body's energy is dispersed and not concentrated where required. However, when you start your maintenance program you can do two areas at the same time.

If I have breast implants can I still have firming treatments with Beautytek?

Beautytek has shown remarkable toning, firming, lifting and scar reduction results for clients who have had breast implants inserted and for those who have had implants removed or changed.

Do I need a special diet or strenuous exercise?

Beautytek treatments are effective without the need for strict diets or exercise plans. However, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, we do recommend that clients increase their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables; reduce the level of saturated fats in their diet and try to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. We do require that clients drink at least two litres of water a day to keep the body properly hydrated which will help to maximize the best possible results from their treatment.

Under what circumstances would I not be able to have the treatment?

Pregnant and breast feeding women, clients wearing a pacemaker, suffering from epilepsy or cancer shouldn't have beautytek treatments. Clients with large metal implants such as artificial hips may not see significant results in the area of the prosthesis, but can have successful treatment in other areas. If you're feeling unwell, for example you have the flu, the energy levels in your body will be low, so you may not get the most out of your treatment.