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magnetic-infrared laser for painless, noninvasive non-pharmacological treatment of diverse diseases

Devices of Rikta-series are considered the best devices of quantum therapy. It is designed for painless, non-invasive non-pharmacological treatment of diverse diseases of a human being. The device combines the most efficient types of electromagnetic radiation. It provides a simultaneous penetrative impact of coherent and incoherent light fluxes of an infrared and red spectrum on the organism in combination with the impact provided by a static magnetic field.


It is important to emphasize that therapy with the device does not exclude other conventional medical treatment. On the contrary, combining the two approaches may result in rapid recovery and may enable the reduction in doses of current drug consumption.


RIKTA device is reliable, simple in operation and safe. Parameters and laser radiation dose setting are performed by choosing the laser pulse frequency. The frequency selection defines the amount of energy delivered into biological tissues.


The Rikta device has been used to treat thousands of people with different diseases:

• cardiovascular 

• musculoskeletal system

• urological 


• bronchopulmonary

• gastrointestinal

• otorhinolaryngology

• stomatological

• ophthalmological

• skin

• surgical

• oncological


Rikta has many indications and can be applied to infections and parasitic diseases:

• Diseases of the endocrine system

• Diseases of the nervous system

• Diseases of the eye and surrounding tissue Including sinuses

• Diseases of ears and mastoid bones

• Diseases of the circulatory system

• Diseases of respiratory organs

• Diseases of digestive organs

• Diseases of the skin and cellular tissue

• Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

• Diseases of the urogenital system

• Postpartum period problems

• Traumas and some other consequences of injury


Effectiveness, quality, reliability and permanent improvement – that’s the formula for long-term success of the technology.




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