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Spa Facials


to address your skin care concerns

At Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic, we offer a variety of spa facials to address any of your skin care concerns. Depigment, Anti-Couperose, Aloe Vera Bio Skin Lift Facial, Silk Facial and Deep Pore Cleaning Facial are just a few of the best facial treatments we offer in our medspa.

The facials offered at Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic are made up of only the most cutting-edge products and treatments available in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam or New Westminster area. We treat all skin types and conditions, and we have a range of professional skin care products that have been carefully selected to guarantee that your facial gives your skin exactly what it needs. You may expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your facial, with a healthy glow to your skin.


The facials at Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic are custom-tailored to each client's unique skin care requirements and are conducted with only the highest-quality, professional skin care products. 


We provide a range of spa facials to treat any of your skin care needs. Depigmentation, Anti-Couperose, Aloe Vera Bio Skin Lift Facial, Silk Facial, and Deep Pore Cleansing Facial are just a few of our medspa's leading facial treatments.

Aloe Vera Bio Skin Lift Facial

Similar to a biological regeneration therapy, aloe vera extract controls the moisture of the skin and boosts immunity. Skin is refined, china clay has germ-absorbing properties, it maintains the MicroFlora, and it detoxifies the body and skin

60 minutes – $90

Anti-Couperose Facial

This treatment uses products based on algae with Bilberry extract which stimulates the blood circulation. At the same time, it strengthens & protects peripheral small blood vessels. With Vitamin C and flavonoids as free radical scavengers.

60 minutes - $100


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

The deep pore cleansing facial is suitable for people who suffer from acne caused by excess oil, as well as those who have oily or combination skin. Extractions, exfoliation, a thorough cleanse, disinfection, and balancing the MicroFlora of oily skin prone to pimples, pustules, and comedones are all part of this facial.

90 minutes – $110


De Pigmentor Facial

This facial aids in the progressive brightening of hyperpigmentation, age spots, and freckles for the ultimate skin regeneration and renewal.

60 minutes – $100


Derma Repair Facial

To stimulate cellular functions. To soften wrinkles, re-hydrate and energize the skin.

90 minutes – $100


Enzyme Facial

This exclusive treatment is designed to energize the skin cells with a unique rejuvenating enzyme process. The Enzyme Facial Treatment uses a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, fruit acids, resorcinol, hydroxyacetic acid, herbal extracts, and distillates. Enzymes are chemicals that speed up the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed in the reaction themselves. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin.

60 minutes – $120

30 minutes – $65


Eye Lift Treatment

Looking to get the appearance of an eye lift without committing to surgery? This eye lift facial helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while also nourishing, revitalizing, and hydrating the sensitive eye region.

30 minutes – $30

Add to any facial – $15


Fresh & Fruit Facial

This wonderful treatment makes use of exotic fruit ingredients that assist to preserve, maintain, and moisturize the skin's natural moisture barrier. This treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed and re-energized.

60 minutes – $100


Men's Facial

This relaxing Gentleman’s Facial provides deep-pore cleansing, steam, extraction, a customized masque, and SPF moisturizer. With a soothing massage of the shoulders and neck, this facial is recommended for all skin types.

60 minutes – $100


Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Tightening and strengthening the tissue are the goals of this facial type. A natural concentration of vitamins may help to slow down the aging process and diminish the appearance of wrinkles in order to get a velvety-smooth complexion

45 minutes – $80

Add to any facial – $50


Q10 Oxygen Vital Facial

The coenzyme Q10 is a free radical scavenger and reduces the negative effects of photo aging. Constant oxygen supply strengthens all of the skin’s functions. Skin becomes smoother, irritations are calmed & the skin is more resistant.

60 minutes – $120


Sanvita Facial

This treatment revitalizes, moisturizes and prevents premature skin aging. The active substance of green tea has a calming effect, combined with ginseng extracts, the skin is stimulated and the complexion appears fresh & rosy.

60 minutes – $100


Revitalizing Facial

To improve turgor & elastin production – regeneration & rejuvenation.

60 minutes – $100



Silk Facial

Exclusive treatment for demanding & dehydrated skin. For a more radiant & smooth complexion, for well being with amazing results.

60 minutes – $120

Skin Perfecting Facial

A cosmetic face treatment to cleanse, then gently exfoliate dead cells, analyze sensitivity, cellular health and treat surface conditions according to need including tonicity, hydration, and sebaceous secretions.

60 Minutes – $100


Teen Facial

Facials for teenagers have a two-fold purpose. They introduce teens to professional skin care services and teach them how to care for their skin.

45 minutes – $80



Vitamin C-Plus Facial

Vitamin C is a well-known free radical scavenger. It stimulates the collagen production & tightens the skin.

60 minutes – $120

Benefits of a Facial in Vancouver

There are a lot of ways to brighten your skin through skin care products and cosmetic treatments. We encourage you to experience the enchantment of a Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic facial, whether you wish to nourish dry skin, restore the blush of youth, or address disorders like acne or oily face. Our facials may assist with issues like hydration, anti-aging, acne therapy, oily skin treatment, dry skin treatment, and sensitive skin treatment.

Our skincare spa offers efficient alleviation for most ailments, as well as carefully chosen products from our high-quality brands according to your needs.

A facial, which is high in water and vitamin-rich qualities, not only helps with your fundamental skin care requirements, but it also does an excellent job of restoring moisture content in your skin, especially when the weather changes. In cold climates, winter air has a low humidity, suggesting that it contains little or no moisture. This may quickly dry up the skin, leaving it looking dull, rough, and inflamed.

Hot temperatures, like cold ones, may be harmful. Sun exposure throughout the summer may be harmful to the skin, causing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and aging symptoms including fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity loss.

This is why, in the summer, a facial with anti-aging and brightening characteristics is especially vital to protect the skin from environmental assaults. Maintaining your skin's hydration and shine by following a skincare routine is essential for healthy-looking skin all year. As a result, we only provide the highest-quality treatments, tailored to your specific skin requirements to help your skin in any condition.

What to Expect During Your Facial in Vancouver

A facial is a series of steps that may be performed at our clinic or as part of your personal skin care routine at home. There are about 7 stages, which are generally performed in this sequence but may vary based on your skin's needs:


  1. Cleanse

  2. Exfoliate 

  3. Tone 

  4. The serum 

  5. Therapeutic massage 

  6. Mask

  7. Additional protective layer

Your facial expert at Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic will do a skin analysis before beginning the facial to identify what your skin's requirements and concerns are, what products you are presently using, and whether your skin is sensitive to specific components or fragrances. 

The facial starts with a cleansing treatment to eliminate any dirt or impurities from the skin. After that, a toner is softly swept over the face with a cotton pad to eliminate any excess oil and prepare the skin for improved product absorption. Dead skin cells are removed from the surface of the skin, exposing a fresh, smooth layer underneath. Following that, serum is applied and gently rubbed into the skin for a few minutes, allowing the active components to penetrate deep into the skin. Following that, we apply a mask to the whole face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes to allow the skin to absorb all of the nutrients and hydration. Finally, we use a moisturizer and sunscreen to seal in all of our hard work.

About Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic

Euro Charm is a Burnaby-based advanced skin spa that specializes in facials and cosmetic treatments for patients from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and surrounding areas. You will get our undivided professional attention and care as a specialist boutique clinic. 

We believe that self-care is the most important component of having truly glowing and healthy skin. As a result, we strive to provide you with the products, procedures, and knowledge that will assist you in achieving your best skin and enjoy the beautiful results that come from it. 

We take great pride in knowing that each treatment we provide at our clinic will be customized to meet the individual needs of each patient's skin type and condition.


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