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lymphatic drainage treatment to flash out toxins

LymphaVISION Therapy was invented in the mid-nineties by Laurent Pujol, a French Osteopath who had an interest in sports recovery. With a strong interest in skiing, Pujol’s interest in sports recovery was based on the importance of the lymphatic system in flushing out of toxins and by-products. Pujol trialed various therapies and electro-stimulation techniques and came across a specific fine-tuned frequency that specifically stimulated smooth muscle (muscle found in veins, lymphatics, and arteries) and produced remarkable results in increased circulation and fluid drainage thus fast-tracking the recovery process from a high-intensity sport.


The scope of stimulation of smooth muscle has stemmed out to other research areas such as management of Lymphedema and the anti-thrombotic properties of LymphaVISION@. With three clinical studies to scientifically back this technology, LymphaVISION@ will fast become one of the world’s preferred methods of management of lymphedema, injury recovery and the gold standard in sports recovery.


LymphaVISION therapy promotes the flow of body fluids such as blood and lymph by stimulation (pumping) of smooth muscle within veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels using a very specific patented electro-stimulation frequency.


Smooth muscle also known as Tunica Media is a nonstriated muscle that differs in function and structure to skeletal and cardiac muscle. Primarily under the control of the autonomic nervous system, smooth muscle is apparent throughout all tubules of the body, for example, in the walls of ‘hollow organs,' veins, arteries, lymphatic system, intestinal tracts, bladder.


Where there is an excess of fluid, blood and toxins within or around the tissue, LymphaVISION@ Therapy promotes drainage from the affected tissue through the stimulation of these tubules to help people to recover faster. The treatment involves attaching to the appropriate part of the patient’s body a number of electrodes which apply a mild transdermal (through the skin) electrical stimulus. Patients may experience a light tingling sensation, felt through the skin under the administered electrode and a minor muscle twitch may occur indicating the stimulation effect.


The increased flow of blood and lymph is encouraged to the liver and kidneys to be detoxified, filtered and removed. This results in the toxins and by-products eventually being passed in the urine.


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