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body contouring treatments get the body you want without surgery or downtime

Millions of men and women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their bodies.  


Aging, weight fluctuations, changes in muscle mass, exercise frequency and genetics may all affect our body shape. A healthy balanced diet, maintaining your weight and being committed to regular daily exercise contribute to having a beautiful fit figure. Many living a healthy lifestyle; yet reshaping their body seems like an unachievable dream. People are looking for a solution - a treatment of fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise, a procedure that works in concert with their exercise programs to provide more noticeable results.

The good news is that there are non-invasive therapies that can give you lighter, firmer, toned bodies and all without resorting to the scalpel. These non-invasive body shaping treatments and techniques mean that pretty much any small body problem can be solved. 

Just everyone is familiar with fat pockets that you cannot get rid of. No matter how much you exercise, eat healthily and maintain your body at a healthy weight, localized, resistant fat pockets will continue to be problematic. A possible explanation behind this is that some fat cells have a predominance of beta receptors and others have a dominance of alpha receptors.


Beta receptors are very receptive to the presence of adrenaline which is produced by exercise. Fat cell breakdown is triggered when adrenaline attaches to the beta receptors. Fatty areas with a predominance of beta receptors respond to exercise and a person on a regular exercise program will see noticeable results.

The opposite applies to fatty areas with a predominance of alpha receptors. When adrenaline attaches to alpha receptors, fat breakdown slows down and the fat tends to accumulate more. This explains why some people will experience problems in areas that just won't respond to consistent and regular exercise. These problem areas are typically around the hips, tummy and upper thighs, leading to love handles, saddlebags and tummy rolls.

We all need a little extra help with some particular problem areas where diet-resistant fat pads accumulate.  Abdomen, back, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms are common areas where we may recommend body contouring for our clients. At Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic, we offer a variety of body contouring, firming and slimming treatments and we assure you, you'll find your favourite here!


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Non-invasive body sculpting technology.


Non-surgical fat reduction procedure.


Cold laser technology to reduce girth and spot fat.


Non-surgical body contouring, cellulite reduction.


Dedicated to localized fat, cellulite, and contours. 


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