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medical LPG by endermologie body treatments

Using exclusive, patented LPG treatment heads, the endermologie® technique delivers an intense, yet pleasant stimulation to the skin surface in order to reactivate natural physiological processes in-depth:

  • Restore fluid flow

  • Accelerate vascularization

  • Stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production

  • Stimulate natural lipolysis

Performed by a trained professional equipped with the latest CELLU M6® technology, medical LPG endermologie® sessions can treat all connective tissue transformations (burns, scars, fibrosis, etc.), circulation problems, and muscle pathologies (lesions, contractures, etc.) naturally and painlessly, without any side effects.





Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs or swollen feet and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins build up in the organism, which explains such volume fluctuations over the course of a single day or throughout a woman’s cycle. What are the factors? Prolonged standing or sitting, a sodium-rich diet, overly tight clothing, or even high temperatures can disturb the proper functioning of the circulatory system


Thanks to the different settings of the new patented treatment head, endermologie® helps to activate the body’s elimination functions and stimulates the circulation while also relieving the symptoms of water retention.






In the thorax, armpit and shoulder are a large number of lymphatic circuits and ganglion for draining lymph from the arm. Surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer traumatize these, thus preventing them from performing this draining action; fibrosis barrier develop and lymph is blocked. The size of the arm swells rapidly, the skin thickens, the arm becomes heavy and movement is impaired.


With endermologie® treatment, the skin becomes finer and more elastic, the pain gradually disappears, the circulation is stimulated the swelling of the legs goes down and these benefits are felt over an extended period of time.

LPG Medical joints



Muscles are made of a very special tissue that is able to contract and move the joints of the body and keep our limbs and spinal column stable. They are also surrounded by fibrous tissue that makes up a part of our skin. The tendons that attach the muscles to the skeleton are also made of connective tissue. Because of this, each time that a technique mobilizes or stretches this tissue, the beneficial effects are felt deep in the muscle.

Contractures, aches, strained muscles, even muscles that need to be warmed up can benefit greatly from the manoeuvers of the Cellu M6® when applied to the enveloping and separating tissues surrounding the muscle.



Articular capsules, tendons, and ligaments are all composed of connective tissue. When this tissue is damaged, it reacts by becoming inflamed, swollen and fibrosed. Fortunately, if stimulated appropriately the damaged structure of the scar connective tissue can be repaired.


The LPG medical treatment quick relives:


  • Stiffness in joints that have undergone surgery, been traumatized or that are suffering from arthritis

  • Acute sprains or sprains from repetitive motion

  • Acute or chronic tendonitis

  • Painful disorders such as fibromyalgia

  • All painful problem of the spinal column

The CELLU M6® treatment reorganizes the connective tissue and controls the inflammation. Session after session, the joints become more flexible and stable, the muscles become stronger and pain disappears.​



LPG Medical shoulder
LPG Medical scars



After surgery, trauma or a burn, the skin forms scar tissue with numerous consequences that are often unsightly or handicapping. scar tissue is a barrier that hinders blood circulation and exchanges between the cells and it is often biding. It can limit the movement joint, fat sometimes accumulates around it and it is frequently the cause of pain.


With the Cellu M6® treatment is possible to work on: M6® treatment is possible to work on: 

  • Recent scars still showing signs of inflammation

  • Old scars

  • Surgical or traumatic scars

  • Burns, even after skin grafts

  • Post-caesarean

  • Scleroderma


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