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rejuvenating and lifting micro-current treatment

Beautytek micro-current face and neck treatments are used as a preventive and corrective procedure,  an alternative to cosmetic surgery.  It lifts and tones the facial muscles, which are not attached to the skeletal frame, increases collagen production and cell rejuvenation.

Scientists have shown that cell repair is accelerated by matching the body’s naturally occurring electrical impulses.



  • Reduces scars

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

  • Shrinks large pores

  • Treats acne

  • Increases skin youthfulness & glow

  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

  • Reduces dark circles & puffiness

  • Sculpts facial features

  • Significantly lifts and tones facial muscles

  • Firms, tones & repairs skin 

  • Lifts face, neck, jowls & eyebrows, eyelids 

  • Beneficial to use before and after plastic surgery



Beautytek can deliver results in all aspects of aging affecting the face and neck and give back a youthful look. This treatment reduces and eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, dark eye circles, loose skin, excess fat and sagging muscle tone.


The energy supplied by Beautytek stimulates the circulatory system, resulting immediately in a fresher looking skin. Gradually, lines and wrinkles are smoothed and sagging jowls are tightened, leaving you with a younger looking face that will be noticed.


Facial muscles will become permanently more toned, resulting in a surgery-free facelift. Toxins are released from the system, as well as pore size, dark circles gradually lessen and the skin becomes brighter.


Beautytek is highly effective for facial and neck rejuvenation. Clients can expect to see an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in facial muscle, improvement in skin tone and texture and excess fat and fluid being removed from the face. Fine lines are smoothed away and deeper lines become softer. Facial treatment results, in particular, continue to improve after the course of treatments has been completed.



Beautytek is an innovative and highly effective aesthetic treatment concept which offers you a safe, fast and comfortable approach to renewed beauty and physical shape.


Excellent and long-lasting results are pre-programmed in this novel therapy system combining the artificial intelligence of contemporary medical technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Beautytek treatment is comfortable, absolutely painless and without any danger for your body (Contraindications: clinical evidence of disease, pacemaker, pregnancy).


After applying a special electrolytic gel on a body area to be treated, your Beautytek therapist will gently massage your skin with a probe. At certain points, similar to those in acupuncture, a transfer of energy will be activated enhancing the self-repair mechanisms of your body. Highly effective substances will be transferred into your skin, metabolites (metabolic decay products) will be discarded.


While you relax, Beautytek continuously measures and analyses the response to the treatment; it optimizes therapy parameters in a bio-cybernetic cycle. Over- or -under dosage can be excluded leading to safe and long-lasting results.


  • Digital photo before and after

  • Computer-based

  • Lasting treatment results

  • Analysis of skin condition

  • Non-invasive, absolutely painless

  • Highly effective therapy



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