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no more shaving, waxing, razor bumps, stubble, and irritation

Laser hair removal treatments at Euro Charm Skincare and Body Clinic are affordable, safe, effective and comfortable for all skin types. Named one of Vancouver’s best laser hair removal clinics, our certified technicians remove hazardous follicles with CUTERA excel® HR and xeo® systems.

Laser hair removal has been among the top non-surgical procedures for more than two decades, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Compared to traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, and waxing, laser hair removal is a proven method for permanent hair reduction for all skin types. 




1 SESSION     $60

3 SESSIONS   $120

Bikini line








Gluteal cleft





Stomach line




1 SESSION    $120
3 SESSIONS  $240

Back of the neck


Front of the neck

Full face

Inner thigh

Lower back

Lower legs

Upper arms



1 SESSION    $170
3 SESSIONS  $360




Full arms

Male Genitals

Upper Legs


1 SESSION    $205
3 SESSIONS  $475


Full Legs

The laser quickly and efficiently eliminates hair from all parts of the body, no matter how deep the follicles reside or how large or small the area. It includes sensitive areas like the upper lip, underarms, bikini line as well as large areas like the back or legs. 


Since 2007, Euro Charm Skincare and Body Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair removal services in Vancouver with a convenient location at one block east of the PNE Park. We'll help you effectively reduce unwanted hair with less-to-no pain and fewer treatments. 


Call us to book a free, no-obligation consultation and let's discuss a customized laser hair removal plan suitable for your needs and budget.

Introduction To Laser Hair Removal 

Did you know that throughout the course of a week, a woman may spend 45 minutes to an hour shaving their body? Even more ludicrous is the fact that most women's skin only remains smooth for three days after shaving. We recognize how time-consuming this may be, particularly given your busy schedule. Fortunately, there is a permanent hair removal option for you: laser therapy treatment! 


Patients in Vancouver and the surrounding areas have found that laser hair removal gives them long-lasting benefits. This treatment eliminates the need to shave or wax, and you may anticipate silky smooth skin after only a few painless sessions— it’s that simple.

Our Laser Hair Removal Treatments 

Laser hair removal in Vancouver is a technique that involves the application of a beam of light to undesirable hair on different regions of the body. This light has a particular wavelength that targets the hair follicle's melanin- the pigment that gives hair its color. 


When light penetrates the follicle, it is transformed into heat energy, which inactivates the follicle and prevents hair growth. 


Hair growth is divided into three phases. They are Anagen, which is active growth, Catagen, which is a short period in which development ceases and resting starts, and Telogen, which is a resting phase with no further growth. 


Hair must be at the active growth stage—Anagen—for laser treatments to be effective. Multiple laser treatments are necessary to target all of the hairs in the Anagen stage since they are at various phases of growth at any one moment. This means that it’s usually expected to need from 6-12 treatments to ensure that all of the hair follicles have been targeted properly.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

  • No downtime: There is no recovery period since it is safe and effective. 

  • Painless: Multiple passes with the reduced laser intensity are rather pleasant when compared to other methods such as waxing, plucking or shaving. 

  • Quick effectiveness: In most cases there is an average decrease of 80 percent or more hair loss after your treatments. 

  • Better hair growth: Every strand of body hair grows finer and softer as time passes after laser hair removal treatments. 

  • Skin types: All skin types are safe to use with this type of treatment.

  • Hair amount: The overall amount of body hairs may be permanently reduced in certain locations that were treated. 

  • Fast treatment: Treatments normally take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes depending on the location of the treatment site.

  • No pesky hairs: Gets rid of ingrown hairs and prevents them in the future. 

  • Treatment locations: Laser hair removal has the ability to treat any portion of the body.

Why Is Euro Charm The Finest Location To Go For Hair Removal Treatments? 

Despite the fact that laser hair removal is a painless and safe medical procedure, it must be conducted by an experienced laser professional to prevent any negative side effects. 


The Euro Charm specialist in Vancouver specializes in medical lasers and light treatment, as well as skincare and skin function. As a result, they are able to avoid the majority of therapy's adverse effects. 


In Canada, you must have a license to practice. This type of treatment can only be performed by a qualified laser expert who has been educated to spot any possible concerns. 


Our laser specialists, of course, have treated hundreds of happy patients that have had exceptional results. 


Only medical-grade laser hair clinics, such as Euro Charm, have the medical-grade laser technology necessary to get the best and longest-lasting results.

Experience A One-Of-A-Kind Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Euro Charm Skincare and Body Clinic has been providing laser hair removal procedures in Vancouver since 2007. We'll assist you in efficiently reducing unwanted hair with little or no discomfort and fewer sessions. 


Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, and we'll work together to create a laser hair removal plan that is tailored to your specific requirements and budget.


Photos courtesy of: Cutera


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