no more shaving, waxing, razor bumps, stubble, and irritation

Laser hair removal treatments at Euro Charm Skincare and Body Clinic are affordable, safe, effective and comfortable for all skin types. Named one of Vancouver’s best laser hair removal clinics, our certified technicians remove hazardous follicles with CUTERA excel® HR and xeo® systems.

Laser hair removal has been among the top non-surgical procedures for more than two decades, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Compared to traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, and waxing, laser hair removal is a proven method for permanent hair reduction for all skin types. 




1 SESSION     $60

3 SESSIONS   $120

Bikini line








Gluteal cleft





Stomach line




1 SESSION    $120
3 SESSIONS  $240

Back of the neck


Front of the neck

Full face

Inner thigh

Lower back

Lower legs

Upper arms



1 SESSION    $170
3 SESSIONS  $360




Full arms

Male Genitals

Upper Legs


1 SESSION    $205
3 SESSIONS  $475


Full Legs

The laser quickly and efficiently eliminates hair from all parts of the body, no matter how deep the follicles reside or how large or small the area. It includes sensitive areas like the upper lip, underarms, bikini line as well as large areas like the back or legs. 


Since 2007, Euro Charm Skincare and Body Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair removal services in Vancouver with a convenient location at one block east of the PNE Park. We'll help you effectively reduce unwanted hair with less-to-no pain and fewer treatments. 


Call us to book a free, no-obligation consultation and let's discuss a customized laser hair removal plan suitable for your needs and budget.


Photos courtesy of: Cutera


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal has come of age and is a fully developed procedure that can yield long-term permanent hair reduction of the face and neck area. It is also very commonly used on the body especially for the under arm, bikini and leg area. At Euro Charm Clinic, we are committed to the latest technological innovations and offer a laser/light treatment safe and effective for any skin type and hair color. Cutera laser hair removal treats skin types I-IV and due to the large spot size and fast repetition rate, large areas like legs and backs can be treated quickly and effectively in as little as 6 to 8 treatments.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair permanently by targeting and damaging the root of the hair. The laser itself is attracted to pigment or colour. Assuming there is a good contrast between the skin and the hair, the laser damages the root and leaves behind a small stem. Over the next 2-3 weeks, it will appear as if the hairs are growing when actually the skin is naturally pushing this stem up and out. If you were to pull at these hairs with your fingers (not tweezers) 2-3 weeks after the treatment, these hairs slide out with no resistance at all. Once these hairs fall out, there will be a period where there is very little hair. Laser hair removal uses an infra red light to target the germ cell in the hair follicle. The hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to work, thus no waxing or plucking can be done before the treatment. Unwanted hair can be shaved. The average number of treatments ranges from 6-8 visits. This is because at any given time, only a fraction of hairs are in the growing phase (anagen cycle). Only anagen hairs can be effectively removed with laser because the resting phase (telogen) hairs do not mature pigment at their follicle bulb which is the target for the light. Thus, one treatment will sometimes only get 30% of the hairs because only those hairs have enough pigment to be destroyed. In some cases where patients may suffer from hormonal hair growth, or where the patient suffers from a condition that encourages hair growth, more sessions may be required. Facial hair is traditionally very difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent. More treatments are needed to treat facial hair and sessions should be one month apart. Data has shown that about 30-90% of the hair does not grow back after the end of the laser hair removal treatment cycle. This assumes the appropriate treatment and the correct number of treatments for each individual, all of which can vary. 100% permanent hair removal cannot not be guaranteed as people do need occasional maintenance or touch-up treatments. White hairs and light hairs are the most difficult to remove. Light hairs may require more treatments and more maintenance, and more modest results should be expected. Grey hair cannot be treated with Laser Hair removal and other options such as electrolysis are recommended.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

There is some discomfort during the procedure likened to the snapping of a warm rubber band. Most people find this to be mild and tolerable. We use cold ice packs to minimize any discomfort. Immediately after a treatment there may be some redness and/or mild swelling, although usually this dissipates before you leave the office or within a couple of hours. Makeup can be applied immediately after a treatment. Uncommonly, a skin wound such as superficial blisters and scabs can occur, which heal within 2 to 14 days. Use of antibiotic ointment on a regular basis usually results in uneventful healing. There is a <0.5% possibility of a skin wound leaving behind a permanent scar. It is also rare for an infection to occur since the skin is not broken. Another risk is the possibility of hypo (too little) or hyper (too much) pigmentation which is very uncommon. Usually treatable with lighteningproducts or pigmentation inhibiting products (which can be started prior to starting a Laser Hair Removal course), there is a <1% possibility that the pigmentation could be permanent. There is an increased risk of this with tanned or naturally dark skin. You may need extra treatments than those required by others if your skin is dark or tanned in order for us to be more conservative (gentler with initial and subsequent treatments) due to this increased risk. It is also important that you let any tanning lotions fade and do not seek artificial tanning treatments for 3-4 weeks prior to the procedure.

When is my next LHR session?

With a new cycle of hair growth approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the body and 4 to 6 weeks for the face, you would be coming in for your next laser hair removal treatment.

How many Laser Hair Removal sessions do I need?

The reason why you would require more than one treatment is there are different cycles of hair growth. Ideally, we want to be able to attack the hair during the active stage of hair growth (anagen phase) which is when the hair follicle has a full root. Because we don’t know which hairs are in the right stage at one time, that is the only reason why you would need more than one treatment. Normally 5-7 treatments are required for best results, which vary person to person.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

Normally 5-7 treatments are required for best results. The reason why you would require more than one treatment is there are different cycles of hair growth. Ideally, we want to be able to attack the hair during the active stage of hair growth (anagen phase) which is when the hair follicle has a full root. Because we don’t know which hairs are in right stage at one time, that is the only reason why you would need more than one treatment.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

Before commencing any hair removal program, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation so we may assess the area of interest. At this time, we will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate or not based on your hair and skin type. We do have multiple lasers for hair removal, which guarantees efficient and safe treatments for ALL skin types!All our Estheticians are Physician Certified.

Is laser hair removal painful?

In one pulse, laser removes all the hair on a patch of skin the size of a nickel or a quarter. Generally, laser hair removal is not much more painful than waxing, though the sensation is different. Pain is only felt while laser is hitting the skin and doesn’t last.

Are they any laser hair removal risks or side effects?

Some people may experience the following potential temporary side effects: Itching Redness for up to 3 days Swelling around mouth of follicle for up to 3 days Tingling or feeling of numbness

Is there any pre-treatment care before any laser hair removal?

Yes, you need to shave 24 hours prior your treatment. No waxing or plucking for 4 weeks and no heavy sun exposure, wear SPF.