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Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning in Vancouver

In addition to the many treatments available on the market that claim to brighten your complexion, from serums to facials, the newest skincare fad has beauty enthusiasts resorting to razor-sharp blades to get immediate effects. It is possible to get smoother, brighter, and more even-toned skin in a single session with the use of dermaplaning, a treatment in which a qualified esthetician uses a tiny scalpel to basically shave the face while also exfoliating it extensively.

We've put up this guide to give you all you need to know about this groundbreaking therapy; continue reading to find out more…

Woman after receiving a dermaplaning in Vancouver
Dermaplaning in Vancouver

What Is Dermaplaning?

Using regulated strokes of a medical device, this approach is the most exact exfoliation and face hair removal method available. This fast and painless technique gently removes dead skin cells and baby fine vellus hair also known as "peach fuzz" off the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth when it is completed.

When a qualified medical aesthetician uses a sterile surgical scalpel to delicately shave away fine vellus facial hairs while also conducting a thorough exfoliation of the stratum corneum, taking away dead skin accumulation, the result is a smooth, silky complexion.

It also increases the absorption of products, increasing their potency, and produces the ideal canvas for makeup application. It is a fast and painless treatment.

When To Start Dermaplaning in Vancouver?

Dermaplaning is a popular procedure among actresses, models, and brides because of how flawless and smooth the skin appears in photographs. It is also a popular treatment among patients who want the most gentle facial hair removal technique available, such as those with sensitive skin.

It is designed to target hairs that are too small or too light in color to be treated by regular waxing or laser hair removal methods. With this treatment, there is no downtime, no irritation, and no tugging of the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It may be done on its own or in conjunction with other skincare procedures.

What Are The Advantages Of Dermaplaning Treatments?

  • Dermaplaning allows for more thorough product penetration.

  • Soft facial hair that collects dirt and oils is removed with this product.

  • Skin becomes smoother as a result of this.

  • Dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" may be safely removed with this process.

  • Acne scars are less visible with the help of this treatment.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • It is suitable for all skin types.

The Additional Benefits of Dermaplaning in Vancouver

Physical exfoliation stimulates the cell regeneration process and helps skincare products to enter more deeply into it. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient's skin, some practitioners may recommend a mild to moderate peel after dermaplaning.

Additionally, dermaplaning is an effective way to get rid of extra-fine hairs on the face, which may collect dirt and oil over time. Contrary to common assumption, vellus hairs, as opposed to terminal hairs, do not regrow thicker or darker as a result of their removal.

Dermaplaning in Vancouver, on the other hand, is not recommended for those who have extensive facial hair. For this, laser hair removal would be the most helpful option. Exfoliation of dead skin cells, along with the removal of fine hairs, results in healthier, more radiant skin that is smoother to the touch and to the touch.

So, Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Laser Dermaplaning Treatment?

Dermaplaning in Vancouver is particularly beneficial for those who have dry or rough skin texture, and it may help to reduce the appearance of superficial acne scars and uneven skin tone. It is particularly excellent for aged skin, which tends to accumulate dead cells as a result of cellular turnover slowing down as we get older. Dermaplaning is a safe procedure for individuals who are pregnant or nursing and cannot have chemical peels.

Dermaplaning is completely safe for all skin types when performed by a qualified expert. People who have sun damage, fine wrinkles, dry spots, or lackluster skin would benefit from this therapy the most.

In the case of very reactive or sensitive skin, you may wish to experiment with something more suited like photorejuvenation or more gentle types of facials.

Will Vancouver Dermaplaning Treatments Lead To Breakouts In Certain People?

In fact, it’s actually the complete opposite. It is important to exfoliate your skin regularly to maintain an even, healthy shine. A buildup of dead skin may clog your pores and hair follicles, which can not only create pimples but also prevent your skincare products from properly permeating your skin. However, as previously said, if you already have a breakout, you will be forced to refrain from using this therapy for the time being.

Are Dermaplaning Skin Treatments Safe For My Skin?

Yes, it is really safe! Dermaplaning in Vancouver is a technique that has a minimal risk of complications. Modest flushing of the skin on your face in the hours after the treatment is possible as a side effect. If the skin is not maintained clean correctly after dermaplaning, some individuals can acquire whiteheads on their skin within a day or two after the procedure.

Those suffering from aggressive acne, as well as those with thick, black facial hair, should refrain from undergoing this treatment. Skin that is prone to acne may become painful and inflamed as a result of this process. Acne may be treated in a variety of ways, including photorejuvenation using our BBL system.

The greatest option for those who wish to get rid of excessive facial hair is to look into alternative methods such as Laser Hair Removal. Those who have thick, coarse facial hair may benefit from dermaplaning since it helps exfoliate dead skin cells. That being said, they should shave their faces before receiving dermaplane therapy.

Will The Hair Grow Back Darker?

In most cases, people get concerned or worried that the hair will grow back darker and thicker on their face but it’s not the case with dermaplaning in Vancouver. The act of shaving does not promote hair to come back thicker or darker, no matter where it grows on your body. Many individuals believe that shaving your legs or underarms will result in greater hair growth in the future. This is incorrect.

It is physically impossible for hair to come back thicker as a result of shaving due to physiological reasons. A blunt point is created on the hairs by shaving, which many people mistakenly perceive as increased thickness. The same way as a tree develops and becomes thinner at the summit.

When you dermaplane in Vancouver, you are eliminating vellus hair, which is an exceptionally fine kind of hair. Because this hair is so fine and silky, removing it with a dermaplaning instrument will have little to no effect on how it will seem when it grows back in its natural state. You'll notice an immediate improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin after eliminating the vellus hair.

What to Expect During the Treatment

The expert hand of a highly trained medical aesthetician utilizes a sterile surgical scalpel to carefully shave away fine vellus facial hairs while also conducting a thorough exfoliation of the stratum corneum, taking away dead skin accumulation and revealing new skin under the surface of the skin.


The peach-fuzz on your face is really "vellus hair," which is distinct from the "terminal hairs" seen on other parts of your body, which are thick, long, and dark in color. When vellus hairs are shaved off, they will not regenerate darker, thicker, or longer in any way. They will reappear as the same peach fuzz that they were in the first place.


A baby's soft and smooth complexion emerges, providing a fantastic canvas for skincare and cosmetics application. Many customers combine it with their monthly facials for a deeper exfoliation and skin smoothing effect. The results normally last around 4 to 6 weeks.

Getting Ready for Dermaplaning in Vancouver

To have dermaplaning therapy, you will need to speak with your healthcare professional first about your needs. We'll talk about your medical history, your skin type, and your skin coloration, as well as the outcomes you're looking for.

You may need to delay your visit if you are experiencing an aggressive acne flare-up, to prevent irritating your skin anymore or ripping the skin's surface.

Direct sun exposure should also be avoided during the week leading up to your visit, since sun damage, such as a sunburn, may compromise your skin and make the treatment uncomfortable.

Any additional skin issues or flare-ups should be reported to your clinic as soon as possible so that any potential risks may be avoided.

Dermaplaning in Vancouver Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use a Dermaplane during pregnancy?

Yes, it is completely safe to receive this type of treatment throughout pregnancy. This fast and painless technique gently removes dead skin cells and baby fine vellus hair of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth when it is completed.

A sterile medical scalpel is used to delicately shave away vellus facial hairs while also performing a surface exfoliation of the skin by pulling away dead skin deposition and dead skin cell accumulation. It is everything done on the surface of the skin, and there are no contraindications to doing it while pregnant.

Will the hairs regrow thicker or darker after a few treatments?

No, that will not happen. That is, without a doubt, a myth. Because vellus hairs are different from the hairs on our bodies, it will not come back thicker or darker as it did when it was first removed. It will feel harsh in certain locations when it is growing in, but it will be exactly the same in all other regions.

When do the hairs totally regrow in their original positions?

The hairs on the face normally regrow after 4-6 weeks of being removed. When scheduling dermaplaning sessions, it is advisable to space them out farther apart so that the hairs may be removed more easily and with less aggravation. The longer the hairs on the face are, the simpler it is for the blade to remove them, and the more correctly it can exfoliate the dead skin cells off the skin.

Dermaplaning vs. microdermabrasion: which is better?

Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are both exfoliating skin procedures that promise to be soothing to the skin when performed properly.

While dermaplaning removes dead skin cells with the help of a scalpel's edge, microdermabrasion "sands down" your skin with the use of an abrasive surface. In order to exfoliate skin cells, fine particles may be aimed towards your face in a blast of air, or a particular instrument may come into close touch with your skin to do so.

Do You Have Any Questions About Dermaplaning In Vancouver?

As one of the most gentle treatments available, it allows for complete skin renewal, resulting in a young and lovely glow that is reminiscent of a youthful look. Additionally, you may anticipate your pricey skincare lotions and moisturizers to be properly absorbed into your skin when you utilize this treatment.

For assistance in determining which treatments are best for you or if you have any questions, scheduling a consultation at Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic will allow you to learn whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of treatment and whether or not it is best suited for your particular skin type. Consult with a dermatologist who will be able to provide you with specific suggestions based on the kind of outcomes you want to obtain from your treatment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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