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How Long Do Venus Freeze Results Last?

Do you have wrinkles or loose skin on your face or body that you're beginning to notice? Would you want to get rid of those problem spots and have skin that is tighter and more youthful-looking? We offer a series of non-invasive Venus Freeze treatments in Burnaby that are an excellent option for restoring plumpness and firmness to areas of concern. These remarkable therapies are even effective in the treatment of cellulite.

This treatment is one of our most popular ones due to its immense amount of benefits. Because of its popularity we often get asked how long you can expect the results to last from your treatment. In this blog we will explain exactly what you can expect from this type of treatment and how long you can enjoy your beautiful results. Let’s get into it…

Venus Freeze Treatment Questions
Venus Freeze Burnaby

What Are Venus Freeze Treatments?

The name can sometimes cause confusion for some patients but to put it simply the Venus system makes use of radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic pulses to thoroughly heat the skin in a manner that stimulates collagen formation.

An external applicator is used to provide the therapy, which will be moved gently over the area of the body that you wish to target during the procedure. As the applicator does its duties, you'll notice a moderate warmth, which many patients compare to the experience of receiving a hot stone massage.

How Long Do The Effects Of Venus Freeze Last?

To achieve the exact results you want, your medical expert in Burnaby will help you determine your treatment plan. After we've had an opportunity to examine your skin, we'll provide a particular advice for you about the amount of treatments you should have. The majority of patients receive a series of six to eight treatments, with their outcomes improving over the course of three to four months after the first set of treatments. However, since Venus Freeze can not totally prevent the body from aging, patients often need to return for maintenance treatments every few months.

How Long Is Each Therapy Session Scheduled To Last?

Because each session lasts around 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area, they may easily be performed during a lunch break, before or after work, or at any other time of day or night. You'll discover that Venus Freeze treatments are simple to plan around your hectic schedule. We also offer flexible appointment scheduling to ensure that patients in Burnaby have enough options to book.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From This Type Of Treatment?

The Venus therapy system is suitable for use on any part of the body. The technology behind Venus Freeze can smooth out wrinkles and creases, tighten sagging skin, define your body's contours, and restore a young, radiant appearance to your complexion. Cellulite may possibly be reduced with the use of this treatment approach. Is it possible that everything sounds too beautiful to be true? It isn't the case at all.

Advantages Of Venus Freeze In Burnaby

Although the advantages of treatment might vary from person to person, the following are some of the most significant benefits that the majority of individuals report after their sessions.

There Is No Need For Recovery Time

This is one of the most significant benefits of the therapy. In contrast to other cosmetic procedures, you will not be required to arrange any downtime or recuperation time after your treatment session. You will be able to return to your normal activities soon after the treatment, with no discomfort.

Better-Fitting Clothes

As a result of this treatment's ability to shape and trim inches off your waistline, there's a strong possibility that your garments will begin to fit much better after one or more sessions.

Treatment That Is Completely Painless

Despite the fact that this therapy is recognized for being completely painless, some individuals choose to take a quick snooze or otherwise relax while they are receiving it done at our Burnaby location.

Cellulite Can Be Reduced

If cellulite is the misery of your life, this procedure may assist you in permanently eliminating it from your body. The Venus Freeze is quite successful at reducing cellulite, which is why it is particularly popular for treating cellulite on the legs and lower body. Cellulite may make your clothing fit uncomfortably and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. We used to believe that cellulite was just a natural part of life, but thanks to this treatment, you no longer have to put up with it.

Skin That Is Tighter

Because this therapy stimulates the production of collagen, many individuals report that their skin seems tighter and more young as a result of it. In addition, since our bodies naturally lose collagen and because our bodies cease producing collagen as we grow older, our skin might seem duller and saggier. This treatment stimulates collagen production, resulting in skin that is tighter and more radiant in appearance.

Less-Noticeable Wrinkles

Skin tightening is associated with a reduction in wrinkles. As collagen plumping the face occurs, it also fills in creases and wrinkles, resulting in skin that is more youthful-looking.

What Should I Expect Throughout My Treatment?

Venus Freeze treatments in Burnaby are easy and quick, and they often take no more than 30 minutes to complete in the comfort of our Burnaby clinic. We'll start by applying a gel to the skin in the treatment region, which will aid in the smooth movement of the applicator over your body. As we begin to work with the applicator, you will notice a steady increase in temperature. The majority of patients report that the heat level is extremely tolerable; nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable, we can reduce the temperature.

What Are The Most Effective Locations On The Body For This Treatment?

Despite the fact that this therapy may be applied to nearly any region of your body, certain locations seem to be more sensitive to the treatment than others. Several individuals choose to have the procedure performed on their faces, where Venus Freeze may work its magic on fine lines and wrinkles to improve their appearance. Because this treatment is absolutely non-invasive, you may immediately resume wearing cosmetics and caring for your skin on a normal basis following the session.

The neck, arms, stomach, buttocks, and thighs are some of the other preferred locations. A common occurrence as we get older is the appearance of cellulite on the lower half of our bodies, particularly on our lower stomachs, buttocks, and legs. Although creams and exercise may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, there is currently no topical or over-the-counter treatment that will completely eliminate it.

As a result of increasing collagen synthesis, the Venus Freeze technique may reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you achieve your ideal beach figure in a matter of weeks. Additionally, this therapy is effective in reducing stretch marks and tightening the skin, making it a wonderful choice for new mothers.

How To Make Sure You Have A Great First Experience At Our Burnaby Clinic

Because the applicator will be in close contact with your skin, we urge that patients refrain from applying any makeup, lotions, or moisturizers the morning of their treatment to avoid irritation. In addition, we ask that patients remove any jewelry that they may be wearing in the treatment region. Once your consultation is over, you will be free to return to your usual routine and even reapply cosmetics without any restrictions. Some people choose to make these sessions during their lunch break or after work. Following these easy steps will ensure that you have a great first experience with us!

What Is The Best Way To Determine Whether Or Not I Am A Candidate For This Treatment?

Venus Freeze anti-aging treatments are for anybody who is beginning to notice a decrease in skin elasticity, as well as the first symptoms of drooping and wrinkles on their face. But there are certain extra concerns that should be taken into account. If you suffer from skin sensitivity or any additional medical concerns, make sure to let your expert at Euro Charm know in order to make the right treatment plan for you.

Who Makes A Good Candidate For This Treatment

As we’ve previously noted, the first step in determining whether or not you are a candidate for Venus Freeze in Burnaby is to book an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable specialists at our clinic. On the day of your appointment, we'll go over your medical history with you and analyze your skin, as well as discuss with you about your areas of concern and the results you're wanting to accomplish. If this is the correct cosmetic procedure for you, we'll work with you to evaluate if it is. However, there are some indications that you may be a very strong candidate such as:

You're Dissatisfied With The Appearance Of Your Skin

This therapy may be an excellent choice for any patient who has observed that their skin has gotten less elastic throughout the course of their life. It is possible to tighten, recontour, and revitalize your skin if it has started to wrinkle or sag due to this procedure.

Your Skin Is In Good Condition

A healthy, clear complexion and the absence of illness or inflammation should be present in patients who seek out this therapy. It is possible that we will have to reschedule your appointment if the skin in the treatment area is not in good condition on the day of your appointment.

You’re In Good Overall Health

Patients who meet the criteria for this procedure are in good general health, do not have a skin-related autoimmune disease, and do not have a pacemaker or an internal defibrillator. Metal implants should not be present in the treatment region, for the same reason. Patients who are pregnant or who are receiving IVF procedures are not eligible for this program.

You Are Not Looking For A Quick Solution

Collagen formation is stimulated as a result of the use of this treatment method, which helps plump and firm the skin. You may see benefits gradually since it may take several weeks for your body to produce enough collagen to actually see a difference.

However, if you can tolerate the wait, you will be happy with your choice of selecting Venus Freeze as your treatment system.

You Are Looking For A Non-Invasive Option

Patients who seek this therapy often desire to enhance their looks without undergoing surgery or another more intrusive procedure. One of the most appealing aspects of the Venus system is that it just requires a series of quick and simple treatments with no downtime to significantly enhance your look. Never before has it been so simple to get such beautiful results.

Is The Treatment Completely Risk-Free?

Absolutely! Venus Freeze in Burnaby is driven by radio frequency technology, which has been shown to be safe and effective for all skin tones, even those with darker complexions, in clinical studies. Additionally, Venus Freeze makes use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs), a technique that has been in use in medicine for decades, and incorporates a number of safety precautions to ensure that the treatment is as safe and pleasant as possible.

Take The First Step Toward Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin In Burnaby

Is your sagging skin making you seem to be years older than you actually are? Would you want to fight back against those pesky early symptoms of aging and restore smooth, firm, and young skin to your complexion? The Venus system may assist you in doing this with little effort and downtime. Please contact Euro Charm in Burnaby, to arrange a Venus Freeze consultation now or book directly on our website!

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