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Does Laser Hair Removal Actually Work?

We've all nicked ourselves while shaving or had a poor waxing experience and made a promise to ourselves to check into permanent hair removal.

However, the concept of it - the expense, the discomfort, the efficacy - might be disconcerting. In the past, laser hair removal was quite unpleasant, was not always particularly efficient, and couldn't get into all of your nooks and crannies... if you know what we mean.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is your best buddy in 2022. Yes, it is still an expense, but is it worth it for a life free of razors and waxes? In short, yes it's well worth it.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss laser hair removal in depth, including whether or not it is a worthwhile investment and whether or not it works well.

Laser Hair Removal Advantages
Laser Hair Removal

Let's Start With The Fundamentals: What Exactly Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatment is a moderate kind of laser that makes use of high-heat laser pulses. In the course of the procedure, these laser beams heat up and cause damage to your hair follicles.

It is just below the surface of the skin that your hair follicles are placed. They are in charge of the production of new strands of hair in the body. The destruction of the hair follicles results in a temporary cessation of hair creation.

Tweezing, shaving, and waxing, on the other hand, all remove hair that is above the skin's surface. These treatments do not target the follicles that produce hair.

Euro Charm in Burnaby recommends laser hair removal for the following areas:

Back of the chest, shoulders, neck, bikini line, and face, among others. It also works with darker hair colors and light skin tones. This is due to the fact that the lasers target melanin in the hair color. It is possible that even if some hairs are not eliminated, the lightening of their color will help to diminish the appearance of hair on the skin.

In general, laser hair removal is a rather short procedure to complete. Smaller regions, such as the top lip, may be completed in a matter of minutes. A full hour or more may be required for larger regions of hair removal, such as the back or chest.

It is possible that you may be in the office for up to an additional hour if your aesthetician administers a topical pain-relieving gel beforehand but this is rarely the case as the machines that we utilize are almost painless.

However, hair follicles gradually repair even when laser hair removal is performed with high success rates. This results in the development of new hair. You will need to undertake numerous therapy sessions in order to get the greatest potential outcomes.

What Is The Effectiveness Of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is effective in preventing at least 90 percent of new hair growth. The laser, as opposed to shaving or waxing, warms the hair follicles, making them dormant and incapable of producing new hair. Consider the process of hair development in order to understand why you need numerous visits.

Explanation Of Hair Growth

The hairs on your body go through three phases of development throughout their lifetime. During the first stage of the cycle, known as the Anagen phase, your hair is actively growing. Stage two, also known as the Catagen phase, is characterized by the cessation of hair development and the pushing of the hair bulb upward. During the last stage, known as the Telogen phase, hair is released and sheds in large quantities. There are many phases to the growing process for each individual hair on your head. As a result, our bodies stagger the phases of hair development, ensuring that we have hair at all times.

The anagen phase when hair is actively developing only accounts for roughly 20 percent of total hair growth at any one moment. It is only during the anagen period that laser treatments are effective on hair and hair follicles. It is important to have numerous treatments to guarantee that all hair is removed while it is still in the active growing stage.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal in Burnaby may either permanently lower the density of the hair or completely eradicate undesired hair from the body.

Because of the permanent decrease in hair density, some hairs may regenerate after a single session of laser therapy, and patients will need continuous laser treatment in the future.

Permanent hair removal implies that after a single course of laser treatment, none of the hairs in the treated region will return, and there is no need for more laser therapy in the future. Eventually after a few treatments you can expect a drastic change in the amount of hair growth which ultimately leaves you with permanent hair loss. Occasional treatments will be required each year to maintain those results.

What Are the Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Results You Can Expect?

A normal patient will experience a decrease of hair in the treated region of 75 percent to 90 percent. The outcome depends on the region that is being treated. Hair development on the face, for example, is hormonally regulated and will need periodic touch-up services to keep hair away. The settings employed during therapy will also have an impact on how much hair a person will see disappear from their skin.

10 Additional Questions You Might Have About Laser Hair Removal

At Euro Charm in Burnaby we get hundreds of questions about laser hair removal. For this reason we’ve put together these additional questions that you might have.

1. How Does The Treatment Even Work?

During your treatment at our Burnaby location, a highly focused laser beam will pulse into your hair follicles, causing them to shrink and fall out. The light generates heat, which inhibits the hair follicles from producing any new hair for the rest of their lives. The hair that is now in those follicles will begin to fall out in the near future. The laser is intended to be absorbed by the pigment in your hair rather than by your epidermis, which avoids harm to the tissues around the hair from occurring during treatment.

2. How Many Sessions Would I Be Required To Attend?

Because everyone's hair is different in terms of thickness and consistency, the number of treatments required will range as well. We do, however, advocate at least 6 sessions for anybody who wants to achieve total hair removal with long-lasting effects.

Typically, treatments are scheduled at 4-6 week intervals at our Burnaby clinic, so if you are looking forward to next summer or a particular occasion, you will want to begin as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Six sessions will take between six and nine months to complete.

3. How Long Are The Sessions Scheduled To Last?

The majority of sessions will be completed in less than an hour. However, if the hair is very thick or if you are having treatment applied to a big area, it may take a little longer to see results. Underarm and face treatments may be completed during your lunch break if you have enough time. Allow for additional time if you are receiving treatment on both legs at the same time.

4. How Long Do The Effects Last?

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting procedure. Hormonal changes, on the other hand, may cause hair to grow in areas where it has not previously grown. Additionally, some hair that was not in the Anagen phase when any of the treatments were performed may have returned as a result of the therapies. In order to address those pesky hairs that weren't completely eradicated during the first sessions, touch-up appointments are recommended at our Burnaby location.

5. Does It Hurt?

The heat that you may feel throughout your treatment is very momentary and will go thereafter. In order to ensure that you are not impacted by the strong light during your sessions, we will equip you with protective eye covers. With the exception of minor redness after the treatment, you will not have any long-term pain. A large number of individuals believe that waxing is more painful than laser removal.

6. What Parts Of The Body Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

Using laser technology, it is possible to remove hair from the following areas of the body:

  • Legs

  • Arms

  • Underarms

  • Face

  • Bikini line

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Brazilian area

In fact, you may get those pesky tiny tufts of hair on your toes removed. The only part of the face that cannot be treated is the region between the brows. Lasers should not be used in such close proximity to the eyes since they are dangerous.

7. Is This Treatment Available to Men?

Laser hair removal is becoming more popular among both men and women in the Burnaby and Vancouver area. Men no longer have to put up with having a hairy back or chest since a variety of treatments are available to remove unwanted body hair. Some men even choose to have a laser treatment performed on their faces in order to lessen the necessity for shaving and the occurrence of razor burn. When it comes to males who shave their heads on a regular basis, laser therapy may also be able to remove the necessity for this practice.

The number of sessions will be adjusted in order to maintain the ideal quantity of hair on your body if you want to lower the total amount of hair on your body without eradicating it totally. If you have extremely thick hair and don't want to be entirely bald, but would want your hair growth to be more controllable, this is a perfect alternative for you.

8. Will I Suffer Any Long-Term Consequences As A Result Of These Treatments?

While you may have transient redness in the days after your treatment, there is currently no evidence that laser therapy causes long-term harm. Fortunately, since the extremely focused light only reaches up to your hair follicle, everything deeper than that – such as organs and muscles – is absolutely safe from being damaged.

9. Is It Expensive?

Euro Charm laser hair removal treatments in Burnaby are at a very reasonable price. We offer bundle prices as well to make the cost more affordable to our clients. More information regarding price may be found on our website and in our pricing table.

10. Can You Trust The Treatments?

You will be guided through every step of the procedure by our experienced, professional, and informed staff members. Your well-being is our first concern, and we take great satisfaction in providing quality service to everyone who passes through our front doors. We place a high importance on our excellent reputation in the community and on the internet, and taking good care of everyone is essential to preserving that reputation.

Is Laser Hair Removal In Burnaby Worth It?

Despite the fact that laser hair removal is completely permanent as long as the necessary treatments are received, it is still one of the most effective methods of decreasing hair growth over an extended time period.

Begin Your Journey To Smooth, Silky, Hairless Skin

Consider the convenience of sliding into your bikini without having to shave beforehand. When you put on your favorite shorts and tank top, you won't have to give a second thought to whether or not your stubble is long enough to be spotted. What a difference it would make in your morning routine if you didn't have to shave as often as you did. Laser hair removal allows you the flexibility to go about your daily activities without having to stop and shave every time.

You should only entrust your hair removal requirements to the most qualified and compassionate specialists such as the ones at Euro Charm in Burnaby. We will take the time to analyze your requirements, explain the procedure to you, and guide you through every stage of the process.

Contact our Burnaby location today to get started on your laser hair removal journey!

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