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Five Reasons Why You Should Seek Advice From a Dr. Spiller Skin Care Specialist

Dry Skin

Dry skin is the number one skin complaint. Dehydration isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it can lead to more painful skin problems if it’s not addressed properly, including redness and long-term sensitivity. The answer lies in repairing the skin’s protective barrier with a water-in-oil emulsion that can penetrate deep into the skin.

Collagen Cream

Loved by international makeup artists and celebrities alike, this cult cream is a worldwide bestseller for good reason — rich in collagen, avocado extract and bees wax, it has powerful antioxidant and moisture-binding properties to help skin appear more plump, smooth and radiant.

Professional Treatment

Dr. Spiller Collagen Regenerative Facial — One Hour

Want a wow factor result? This treatment delivers – it improves elasticity, smooths out lines and wrinkles, and hydrates mature or dry skin.

Acne-Prone Skin

Excessive cleansing and exfoliating is the biggest no-no for acne-affected skin. Stripping the skin of its natural oils is counterproductive. The only way to fight acne is to regulate the skin’s sebum production. Look for a non-comedogenic cream that contains propolis and royal jelly to cleanse and balance, it’s an effective natural antibiotic as acne bacteria haven’t built up resistance to propolis.

Propolis Day Cream

A purifying cream to help rebalance acne-prone skin. It contains propolis to cleanse and balance, and royal jelly, which is rich in regenerating vitamins and trace elements. Propolis Night is also available.

Professional Treatment

Dr. Spiller Peel Off Acne Control Treatment — One Hour

Designed to reduce inflammation, this professional treatment uses natural antiseptic and germicidal properties from algae, willow extract, and tea tree oil to combat acne.

Ageing Skin

With every passing decade women see more fine lines, loss of elasticity, dehydration, skin thinning and dilated capillaries. Why let it happen before your time when there are simple ways to keep ageing at bay? Using products that address free radical damage, encourage collagen biosynthesis and improve elasticity is the key to effectively fighting the signs of ageing.

Vitamin A Day Cream

This regenerating cream includes active ingredients such as vitamin A palmitate to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen the epidermis, leaving the skin with a softer, plumper appearance. Vitamin A Night Cream is also available.

Professional Treatment

Dr. Spiller’s “A Touch of Silk” Treatment — 30 minute

A professional treatment to restore vitality and resilience, it intensively hydrates the skin for a more radiant, smoother and firmer complexion.

Sensitive Skin

An estimated 50% of women suffer from some form of skin sensitivity. This figure is rising at an alarming rate because many women are using products that are just too harsh. Anyone suffering skin redness, broken capillaries or rosacea should steer well clear of retinols and acid-based treatments. Stick with nourishing water-in-oil emulsions that mimic the skin’s natural functions and you’ll soon see sensitivity improve.

Sanvita Cream

Dry and sensitive skin types will lap up this hydrating cream – it contains calming Green Tea extract, Ginseng to stimulate cell rejuvenation and hydrating panthenol and olive oil to increase suppleness.

Professional Treatment

Dr. Spiller’s Cell Renewal Antioxidant Facial — One Hour

A revitalising facial to transform skin from dull to radiant. The complexion is saturated with antioxidants, soothed with a green tea mask and rehydrated with skin-nourishing water-in-oil creams.

Pigmented Skin

Our love affair with the sun is the main complexion killer, but UV isn’t the only cause of pigmentation. Increased melanin can also be caused by hormonal changes, acne or post-inflammatory pigmentation following chemical peels or laser treatments. Sunscreen is an essential preventative, but a professional herbal peel and a potent repair product designed to rebuild the skin’s natural protection is the best way to tone down existing pigmentation.

Rinazell Cream

Dubbed ‘First Aid Cream’ by skin care experts, Rinazell Cream is highly regarded for its regenerative qualities. It contains lactic peptides which have been found to assist the skin’s natural healing process.

Professional Treatment

Dr. Spiller’s Peel Off Whitening Treatment — One Hour

Antioxidant rich Alpine herbs, Vitamin C and mulberry are infused into the skin to effectively tone down pigmentation.

Book your free consultation with our professionals at Euro Charm to learn about natural skin care to address your concerns.

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