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Recover and Rejuvenate After Winter Sports with LPG endermologie®

This time of year, people are hitting the slopes for skiing and snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing and generally enjoying the weather and snow. With this increase in physically demanding activity comes an increase in injury and pain.

You are going to need extra attentive care to help your body recover. Treatments with endermologie® can provide the relief you need. It’s not surprising that people are seeking out clinics and offices that offer endermologie®, as the results from these treatments are immediate and lasting.

LPG endermologie® Treatments Provide Relief From Physical Stress On The Body

Outdoor winter activities are fantastic exercise and so much fun, but as most of us can’t hit the slopes year-round, our bodies are not prepared for the amount of impact and strain these sports can cause on our spine, joints, and muscles. In order to enjoy these activities and prevent injury, it’s important to take care of our bodies before and after participating in winter sports. For our clients, this means using proper technique, building leg and core muscles prior to embarking on such an adventure, and getting the proper treatment afterwards to allow the body to recover. For many, recovery is limited to a few ibuprofen and some rest, but that’s often not sufficient treatment for the body after such an extreme amount of physical activity.

Fortunately, endermologie® devices are equipped with Independent Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) patented technology for the body. These rollers mechanically stimulate the tissues to relieve pain and reduce recovery time. Offering treatment with medical endermologie®, we can help you see the difference that these treatments can make on your recovery.


It can be difficult for patients to find effective treatments for recovery and rejuvenation after extreme physical activity. We provide our patients with the relief they need with Medical endermologie® treatments by endermologie®. Utilizing LPG body treatments result in immediate, comprehensive recovery for the body after participating in winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding.


  • Reduces fluid retention

  • Increases joint mobility and blood circulation

  • Relieves muscle pain and muscle spasms


Providing our clients the benefit of endermologie® in our clinic is simple, and the extensive treatment options can be tailored to treat a range of issues. Not only will LPG device help clients who may have been a bit too ambitious on the slopes this year to reduce swelling and treat pain, but treatments are also effective in enhancing athletic performance and physical well-being year round.

Visit us and check the LPG endermologie® treatments available.

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