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Exercises that complement endermologie® treatments

Most people know the important benefits of exercising on a regular basis, but often have unrealistic expectations – especially when combining specific exercises with a program of endermologie® cellulite treatments.

While cellulite affects women of all ages, as most women age, the muscle layers themselves become weaker, thinner and less firm; this results in a more unstable base for overlying fat layer. Toned muscles help to smooth the skin by providing a solid foundation upon which the body’s fat and connective tissues sit.


Aerobic exercises, including jogging, cycling, running and swimming are excellent ways to burn calories, while increasing the metabolism and losing weight. These types of workouts use large muscles and increase circulation, allowing muscle cells to break down glucose for energy. Step aerobics is also an excellent workout for cellulite in the thighs because it targets the same problem areas as an endermologie treatment.

Cardiovascular workouts help with overall weight loss, while a strength-training program will help build lean muscle while toning and firming those areas of the body prone to cellulite development.


Both lunges and squats are an excellent workout for the lower body, primarily the hamstrings, buttocks and abdominal muscles. Additionally, when these muscles are metabolically active, they burn more fat than any other type of tissue. When done with hand weights, results from bot exercises improve greatly.

  • To perform a squat, stand straight with the legs wide apart.

  • Hold weights in the hands, which are extended straight in front of the body.

  • Bend the knees and slowly lower the body into a squat while contracting the abdominal muscles.

  • Remain in the squat for a full 5 to 10 seconds and return to a standing position, while still contracting the stomach muscles. Repeat reps and sets as desired.


Leg lifts help build muscles on both the inner and outer thighs. If physically capable, using ankle weights of up to 10 pounds will provide maximum impact.

Holding the back of a chair for balance, stand straight one leg backward at least 45 degrees, then return to the starting position. Repeat this about 10 times with both legs. Perform the same exercise while holding each leg to the front and to the side.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and staying well hydrated, streamlining an exercise program to complement endermologie treatments is a win-win, both for overall health and potentially longer-lasting treatment results.

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