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When Is The Best Time For A Facial In Vancouver?

Perhaps this is the year you decide to try Botox or Juvederm, indulge in a chemical peel or HydraFacial, or get rid of that fading tattoo you've had for years. But how can you know when the best moment is to have cosmetic procedures performed? And how far in advance of a significant family or social occasion should you get your treatment done?

When is the ideal time to have a facial? This is one of the most often asked questions at our clinic. While we have a variety of facial treatments available at our Vancouver clinic, it all depends on the sort of treatment you're getting, how long it takes to recover, and if it's right for your skin.

Fortunately for you, we've written this article to inform you about the facial treatment choices available at our clinic, as well as when the best time is to have them. Let's start with the basics: what are the different types of facials?

Best time for a facial in Vancouver
Facial in Vancouver

Types Of Facials Available At Our Clinic

At Euro Charm in Vancouver, we provide a comprehensive range of face treatments for a number of various conditions and goals. The individual issues and concerns of each patient are addressed throughout each facial, which is personalized for each patient's unique skin type. Here are some of the types of facials that we offer:


If you're looking for a ‘red carpet' treatment on the day of your big event, go no further than our clinic. Our HydraFacial treatments will leave you with a long-lasting beautiful and young glow that will accentuate your beauty and inspire confidence in you and your skin with no downtime required.

The HydraFacial was developed to satisfy all of your skincare requirements, including:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face

  • Promote elasticity and tensile strength

  • Promote a consistent tone and brightness

  • Remove texture of the skin

  • Minimize brown patches

  • Help skin that is oily and congested

  • Treat pores that have become enlarged

If you're pressed for time, you can rest assured that our "Hydra-derm" (also known as HydraFacial) reduces irritation and post-treatment breakouts as a result of the thorough cleansing of the pores throughout the treatment. In addition, this type of facial allows you to have a gorgeous cosmetics application right after your treatment since there is no downtime required.


Microdermabrasion treatments in Vancouver, which employ a minimally abrasive device to softly sand your skin, eliminating the thicker, uneven outer layer, provide a number of advantages over other skin care procedures.

Light scarring, discolouration, UV damage, and stretch marks are all treated with this form of skin rejuvenation.

Microdermabrasion is also a highly effective treatment for:

  • Skin that is prone to acne

  • Anti-aging

  • Purification of the pores on a cellular level

  • Detoxification

  • Dehydration

  • Hyperpigmentation

Getting a facial a day or two before a large holiday event may seem like a good idea for this type of treatment. However, this is not always the case. That, on the other hand, may result in you showing up to your in-laws' house with blotchy, irritated skin. Cosmetic procedures such as facials open up your pores, which may cause acne and redness. They can also make your skin seem worse before it appears better.

Getting a microdermabrasion facial is recommended at least one week before you want your skin to be at its optimum. If there is still blotchiness on the skin, this will enable it to diminish and be replaced with a beautiful, young glow.

When possible, avoid having a wax and a facial on the same day as each other. As a consequence of waxing, you reveal a new layer of skin cells, and most facials exfoliate deeply into the skin, so combining the two might cause discomfort. We suggest going in for your waxing appointment one day before and then going in the next day for your facial.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a procedure that removes the outer layers of skin from your face, allowing you to renew older and damaged skin cells under the skin. Some peels might induce redness of sunburn-like responses after the process, and then can be followed by scaling, which usually fades between three to seven days after the treatment. If you're rushed for time, your medical aesthetician may be able to do a gentler version of a peel, such as an exfoliator, as part of a face treatment to accommodate your schedule.

Chemical peels in Vancouver are very popular because this type of facial can:

  • Treat acne

  • Minimizes the look of pores

  • Erase fine lines and wrinkles

  • Fades discoloration

  • Lifts the skin

  • Soothes the look of scars

  • Balances skin texture

  • Smooths the skin

Chemical peels do not necessarily need any downtime, however depending on the strength of the chemical peel that you undergo, you may have some slight swelling or redness after the treatment. In order to give your skin enough time to recover following the treatment, it is advised that you get it done a few days before an event or an important meeting.


Dermaplaning is a popular and safe procedure that exfoliates your skin and removes dirt, dead cells, and vellus hair, also known as "peach fuzz." It is also performed by a trained professional at our clinic in Vancouver.

Dermaplaning is a kind of exfoliation process that is distinct from dermabrasion or other exfoliating treatments. During this process, an aesthetician moves a special instrument called a dermatome, which looks like an electric razor, back and forth over the skin's surface to scrape away the top layer of dead skin.

The treatments are usually between 20 and 30 minutes in total duration. A professional aesthetician will soothe and hydrate your skin when the treatment is completed, and they will apply sunscreen to your face to protect it from the sun.

This treatment is highly popular as it allows your skin to look smoother and brighter, helps reduce acne and allows your skin care products to penetrate into the skin more easily.

It is possible to have this type of treatment performed at any time of year and on the same day as a special occasion. However, it should be handled as a facial and cared for in the same manner as a facial by using proper cleansing techniques in the days after the treatment.

Fire And Ice “Red Carpet” Facial Treatment

The Fire and Ice Facial in Vancouver is well-known for its ability to brighten, smooth, and tighten the skin in a matter of minutes. Using cutting-edge technology, this revolutionary Fire & Ice facial combines a forceful exfoliating peel with a rich, indulgent facial treatment into a single session. This technique, which was designed and developed to cure aging, acne (grades 1-3), and hyperpigmentation, efficiently polishes and rejuvenates skin, leaving it with a smooth, healthy shine.

This thorough clinical procedure, which is also known as "The Red Carpet Facial" in Hollywood and for obvious reasons:

  • It resurfaces the skin

  • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

  • Deep cleans clogged pores

  • Prevents acne

But what does the Fire and the Ice mean?


The resurfacing mask, which contains strong antioxidants, botanical acids, retinol, and niacin, is a vigorous, therapeutic treatment that has been professionally created to fast and safely resurface the skin without the need for further peeling or irritation. The product combines highly efficient chemicals in a kaolin clay base that help to bridge the gap between a light facial and an invasive peel, to swiftly desquamate the skin's surface, leaving it radiantly resurfaced. Without requiring any downtime, this mask provides rapid benefits.


Following that, the antioxidant-rich rejuvenating mask is used to provide soothing, nurturing moisture to the skin that has been resurfaced. Natural extracts and high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are included in the light-gel composition, which delivers relaxing and nourishing moisture to the skin after resurfacing and helps to restore its natural balance. When utilized as a standalone mask treatment, this mask may be used to enhance the results of the iS Clinical facial.

For best results, the Fire and Ice Facial should be done every four weeks for a total of six facials until the desired clinical effect is reached. It is expected that you will observe modest improvements in the overall look of your skin with each consecutive session.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting A Facial In Vancouver

How frequently should I have facials?

Skin health is not something that can be achieved in a single night or for that matter just one facial session; it requires dedication. In order to get the greatest results possible from your treatments we suggest that you consult with one of our skin therapists, who will devise a customized plan that will cycle through all of our facials on a biweekly basis.

This will allow you to determine how many treatments you need in order to get the optimal results.

What kind of preparation do these facials necessitate?

There is no need to prepare beforehand; we will wash your face for you when you come. To ensure a successful functional facial, it is advised that you avoid the sun and discontinue the use of retinol one week before the procedure.

Who is responsible for doing the facials?

Our medical facials are conducted by professionals who have received extensive training and certification. We make certain that our experts get ongoing training to guarantee that you are receiving the finest service available at all times.

How do you choose the most appropriate location for your facial?

It might be frightening to put your face in the hands of someone you don't know well. When searching for a spa or clinic to do your facial, do your research beforehand.

  • At the absolute least, the individual who does the facial must be a licensed aesthetician with advanced training.

  • Before getting any work done, the spa or clinic should be clean and professional, and you should be required to fill out a questionnaire.

  • Review the spa/Google clinic's reviews to see what others are saying.

  • Inquire as to who will be doing your facial. Approximately how long have they been providing facials?

  • Inquire as to where the aesthetician received his or her training.

  • Regardless of how much money you are ready to spend, your facial must be customized to your specific skin type. This is why we recommend asking your aesthetician which treatment they think would benefit you the most.

Is it true that all spas and clinics provide the same facials?

No. The facials offered at different spas in Vancouver will change based on the product line that is being used in the facial treatment. In accordance with the protocol of the product line, each product line will have its own set of distinctive characteristics and methods of completing the face.

That being said, every facial treatment, regardless of the product line that is being used, will include the following elements: a questionnaire, a skin evaluation, cleansing, steaming (depending on the skin type), exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), massage (if appropriate), mask, and skin care recommendations.

Are there facials specifically designed for men?

Men are absolutely candidates for facials, but there are many specific facials designed just for men. Men would need a skin examination in the same way that women do, and their facial features would be customized to their skin type in the same way that women do.

In most cases, all of the facial treatments that we offer in Vancouver are good for men and women and will provide the same amount of benefits for both.

Want To Learn More About Facials?

The concept of facial treatments has been around for decades and continues to be one of the most popular options for both men and women in Vancouver. Not only are you able to completely rejuvenate your skin, but you are also able to tackle specific skin concerns that are not addressed by most skin cleansers or products.

By calling our Vancouver clinic, one of our specialists would be pleased to schedule a consultation with you to determine the most appropriate time for your facial.

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