Stress Management

We all have experienced that unpleasant situation when something just doesn’t feel right. Although medical tests do not indicate that something is amiss with the body, we are unable to function properly and envy those whose energy and zest for a living seems limitless. So it is when one or more of the areas of the brain are out of balance. The degree of balance and harmony in brain energies is key to well-being and optimization. Balance in the brain is followed by the balance in the body. When the brain is in perfect balance and harmony, we feel energized and creative and can accomplish all that we set our minds to achieve. Euro Charm can provide you with Stress Management therapies to help restore your brain’s balance.


Stress Management - Dredge Venation & Clean Marrow

This machine takes advantages of the newest hi-tech micro-electronic technology, with its special and supernatural positive and negative ionic characteristic, in order to revive and regenerate cells and biology links, it can:

  • dredge abnormally connection

  • regulate pathological changes histolytic

  • postpone cellular healthy growth sequence,

  • renew physiological enginery of such pathological changes histolytic

  • improve lymph circulation,

  • supply oxygen,

  • reinforce body detoxified function,

  • stop and break down cells coping and deteriorated factors

  • excellent cure efficiency by using massage and acupuncture.


Stress Management - MindSpa

MindSpa is based upon principals that can help adults and children enhance and sharpen mental performance. It utilizes specific frequencies of auditory and visual stimulation in seven pre-programmed sessions. It works by employing precise frequencies of oscillating light that are introduced through specially designed led light glasses and complemented by calming tones. The various oscillation rates can induce a deeply relaxed or energetic mind states depending upon the desired outcome. Most people will begin to experience positive, noticeable benefits after the first few sessions.


Stress Management - Electronic Sleep

The human body, with its delicate rhythms, is strongly influenced by the highly competitive, affluent society in which we live. The Electronic Sleep is designed to provide a means of eliminating the enormous reservoirs of accumulated stress, anxiety, and tension, to create a feeling of peace and relaxation throughout the mind and body. The Electronic Sleep is an advanced scientific instrument that is based on an entirely new concept. It induces a relaxed, hypnotic state in a short time using magnetic and electric stimulation to alleviate stress and anxiety. It monitors the user’s mental states and emits both visual and audible signals. Electronic Sleep is recommended for those who are troubled with stress and tension, and sleeplessness.

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