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The Non-Bias Take on Men’s Grooming

There really is nothing wrong or sissy about men’s grooming. It is not a reflection on their sexuality nor does it reduce their masculinity in anyway. Shaving, trimming their nails and nose hair is all part of grooming. If men can do that, and most do, then looking after their skin should be a breeze. They should think of it as doing something special for themselves.

Plainly men have a more practical and functional approach towards their looks compared to woman. Their efforts are outwardly rather than inwardly directed. Forget the media coined term metrosexual. It is over used and means nothing other than an attempt to pigeonhole people.

Here is a straightforward approach to men’s grooming. You do not need 3 million and one products – just the right one to suit you. If you take a look at what is available today you’ll be surprised by the number of products especially for guys. Statistics are one way to measure how things have changed over the decades but the simple fact is that men’s skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing.

Men’s skin is different from women’s and requires different formulations. The differences result from:

  1. Sebaceous glands (a gland that secretes sebum, usually into a hair follicle, for lubricating hair and skin) in men are smaller than those in women. Since the absorption of ingredients is primarily through these glands the active ingredients and textures in skincare products must be adapted to this physiology.

  2. Although sebaceous glands are smaller in men, testosterone generates a relatively higher amount of secretions. This is why men’s skin is oilier than women’s and requires appropriate care. It is also more subject to acne and blemishes. From the age of 50, these secretions slow down in men.

  3. Whatever the age, men have a higher collagen density than women; this is the ratio of collagen to the thickness of the skin.

  4. The skin is thicker (about 30 per cent) and warmer too because it contains more blood vessels. Shaving aggravates the skin by systematically removing surface oils, which causes inflammation and a certain degree of dehydration.

  5. Men’s skin ages differently:

  • Wrinkles begin to appear and develop rapidly in terms of depth and number until the age of 40.

  • Loss of firmness increases after the age of 40

  • Eye bags develop between the ages of 20-69

  • Pore size increases until the age of 50

  • Age spots increase until the age of 60

Our product recommendations:

  • Hydro Marin Cleansing Foam

  • Hydro Marin Freshener

  • Special Peeling Milk

  • Terra California Clay Mask

  • Sanvita Cream

How to use these products?

Daily routine: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask (if needed once a week) and moisturise.

Why these products?

  • Hydro Marin Cleansing Foam for its foaming ability as men find this product particularly pleasant in smell and easy to use.

  • Hydro Marin Freshener to sooth, calm and restore the skins PH.

  • Special Peeling Mask for the heavier granules it can break down and remove even the roughest skin due to shaving and also targets ingrown.

  • Terra California Clay Mask to then taunt pores and hydrate the skin.

  • Sanvita Cream, a 24 hour repairing cream with Green tea to visibly smooth, repair and protect the skins moisture levels of even the most sensitive skin types.

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