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Why Laser Hair Removal Is the Latest Men’s Grooming Trend

Laser hair removal treatments aren’t just for the ladies, the data shows that men are more interested in hair removal than ever. According to a 2015 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) survey on hair removal treatments, the popularity of laser hair removal treatments is on the rise across the board, up 51% since just five years ago. Men are more often opting in for treatment plans, with males aged 18 to 45 often choosing to focus on removing unwanted hair from their neck and backs. What are the benefits for men for ditching the razor for laser hair removal?

Why More Men Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal

While women are often stereotyped as caring about grooming and their appearances, the fact is that men are just as careful to maintain their appearances—particularly as the men’s grooming industry continues to grow. With this focus comes the increasing trend of removing unwanted hair, for some men, on the chest, back, or along the nape of the neck.

While shaving or waxing may be obvious options, they rarely provide the easiest solution. Both of these methods require a lot of maintenance, which is something men often want to limit. The easier the routine and the fewer the steps, the better—so long as the results are good.

This is where hair removal becomes a compelling choice for more and more men. Laser hair removal treatment plans typically require just four to six sessions per treatment area, and IPL treatments generally involve six to 10 sessions. Getting regular and occasional treatments cuts out all the time otherwise wasted on shaving on a weekly basis or traveling to and from waxing appointments, not to mention the appointment time itself—every three weeks for the rest of their lives. It’s a time commitment men are growing keen to cut out, making hair removal treatments a popular alternative.

Another appealing benefit is the cost savings of permanent hair reduction. The cost per shave of razor blades, shaving cream, and soothing after-shave lotion—for life—can certainly add up. As can the cost of waxing appointments. Shaving or waxing won’t diminish hair growth, so it’s a bill that will add up indefinitely. Laser or IPL hair removal treatments may seem to cost a lot up front, but it’s a small price to pay compared to the ongoing costs of these more traditional hair removal methods.

Finally, particular hair removal treatments are becoming much more customizable. It’s increasingly possible to treat more sensitive skin areas, such as the “treasure trail,” sternum, sides of the abdomen, underarms, or along the jawline and under the chin to tame stray facial hair. Of course, there are also hair removal treatments available for those considering a little more grooming below the belt. A certified treatment provider will be able to inform potential patients what areas are possible to treat during the initial consultation appointment and offer any alternative suggestions as needed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Laser or IPL Hair Removal Treatment

One important note: hair reduction from both laser hair removal and IPL hair removal is permanent. Individuals should be certain they want to rid an area of unwanted hair before pursuing a treatment plan. Having said that, some hair regrowth can be expected. If a professionally recommended treatment plan and follow-up maintenance appointments are properly followed, hair that does regrow will be minimal and less coarse. In some cases, it might not even be noticeable at all.

While going hair-free may be appealing, it's important to do plenty of research first to determine the appropriate hair removal treatment based on one’s needs and considerations, as well as skin tone and hair type. Frequency of treatments, a complete treatment plan, and any aftercare requirements may also vary by individual, depending on how the skin and hair react to the treatment itself.

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