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The Renaissance Glove

Recommended by European dermatologists and beauticians, the Renaissance body glove and the Renaissance face & feet kit are the exfoliation method per excellence for the face and body. They also activate and improve blood circulation. They contribute to the skin's beauty and health, while giving you a marvelous feeling of well being and relaxation.

The Renaissance body glove and the Renaissance face & feet kit are unique because:

  • Remove all dead cells and toxins that suffocate the skin;

  • Do not dry or irritate the skin;

  • Leave the skin soft and silky;

  • Increase the efficiency of slimming, moisturizing and self-tanning creams;

  • Loosen ingrown hairs;

  • Are quick drying and easy to take care of.

The Renaissance face accessory is exclusively reserved for this delicate and sensitive part of the body. The face accessory's revolutionary woven fabric will:

  • Thoroughly clean without irritating the skin

  • Restoring a fresh complexion

The feet accessory will eliminate rough skin and prevent the formation of plantar calluses, stimulate nerve endings on the surface of the soles of the feet and eliminate tiredness and stress.

The Renaissance suits all skin types. It can be used by men and women of all ages and by children eight years and older. Renaissance is for personal hygiene, each member of the family should have their own.

Directions for use

The Renaissance glove can be used daily with shower gel, or once a week with clean water for exfoliation.

In the bathtub: before using, immerse yourself and relax for five to ten minutes in warm, clean water (without soap, oil or bubble bath). While you bathe, soak your Renaissance glove. Wring it out completely by rolling it from bottom to top.

In the shower: shower under warm water for at least five minutes. Turn off the water before using your Renaissance glove. Rinse yourself frequently, and don't forget to wiring your glove out thoroughly by rolling it from bottom to top before each use.

This procedure takes approximately ten minutes. During the process, it is normal to notice filaments of dead skin appear. This indicates that you have exfoliates your skin in depth, stimulated your blood circulation and allowed your epidermis to oxygenate itself. You can then proceed, if you wish, to wash your hair and soap up.

For the face accessory: once the skin is moistened, apply a milk cleanser and rub gently.

For the feet accessory: apply a shower gel and rub. Do not use in irritated skin or on wounds.

After each use, wash with a mild detergent that contains no bleach, and let it dry. Do not put in the dryer.

The Renaissance body glove ($41) and face & feet kit ($25) are available for purchase at Euro Charm Skincare & Body Clinic. What a wonderful stocking-stuffer gift idea for all the ladies on your list!

Enjoy your beautiful skin!

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